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Our story

In the 1980’s, our founder realised that her bedding was making her allergies worse. With this in mind, she set off to find pure, allergy-free bedding and came up with nothing.

Knowing that wool has so many natural qualities which make it perfect for allergy sufferers, she looked at making her own wool bedding. Fortunately, she had a small farm in Warragul with a few sheep, so using her own wool, she started making pure wool quilts.

From this humble beginning, Aussie Wool Comfort, was born.

Today our range of quilts, under blankets, pillows and other bedding products are in demand around the world and are still 100% pure.

There are many imitators with many claims, but few who can guarantee the authenticity of the product like we can.

We ensure that our products are chemical-free with no nasty resins that are often used to make quilts cheaper, but no longer pure and even wash the wool organically before carding.

We don’t take just any wool, we choose from the farms that produce the best wool for our quilts and make them by hand in the farming town of Warragul. We are the original shepherds of high quality wool bedding.


Sleep Allergy Free

100% Pure Wool, Free Of Resins & Chemicals.

It’s the very reason we began to make quilts in the first place, to get away from all of the allergy causing products. Allergy sufferers can count sheep with more ease than ever with 100% chemical and synthetic free bedding.

All our wool is chemically free washed prior to carding, and any covers are made from 100% cotton. That’s why the southern hemisphere’s leading allergy specialist Dr Colin Little refers his clients directly to Aussie Wool Comfort for a good night’s sleep. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, we guarantee only pure Australian wool.

Handmade Heaven

Sleep Soundly By Australia's Finest Hands

When you make a promise to create the very best product of its kind, you strive to deliver in every single way. Our entire range of products, from bed sheets and pillows to quilts/doonas and under blankets, have been lovingly handcrafted through every step in our regional workshop in Warragul, Victoria.

Thanks to the 100% purity of our wool, we are the only Woolmark approved brand that line weaves fleece fibres, delivering a balling-free stitch that never comes undone or moves.

With our unique “loft advantage” our wool keeps its’ natural loft and stays comfortable for years. This chemical free process helps “trap” air and so even further enhance the insulating qualities of natural wool, giving you unrivaled evenness and comfort. Not only do we guarantee our quilts and under blankets for 6 years, we promise you’ll feel the difference. So swaddle yourself in some of the very best bedding Australia has to offer, delivered direct to your door.

Our customers
sleep well, here's
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Why you'll get the best night's
sleep with Aussie Wool Comfort.

Lovingly Hand-Crafted with Loft-Advantage™

Each and every quilt is hand-crafted at our workshop in Warragul, regional Victoria. Encased in a luxurious 100% cotton sateen, our seamstresses sew every stitch in our quilts with the utmost care. Thanks to the absolute purity of our wool, we are the only Woolmark approved quilt brand that line-stitches. The wool will not ball, move or get lumpy.

With our unique Loft-Advantage™, our wool keeps its natural loft and stays comfortable for years. This chemical-free process helps trap air in the wool, further enhancing the natural insulating qualities of wool. Our methods and commitment to quality craftsmanship means you’ll have an even, soft, fluffy quilt to last for years.

Highest Quality Wool

A luxurious, long lasting sleep starts with premium grade wool. Aussie Wool Comfort sources only the finest fleece from Victoria’s Western District’s best breeding stock of first cross Border Leicester/Merino flocks. These herds yield the best high grade wool for quilts which is meticulously hand-shorn by hard-working Victorians. Our quilts only use wool from the premium part of the sheep- the top part. Other quilts on the market will be 100% wool, but will use fleece from the underside of the sheep.

This low grade wool is often straggly, coarse and does not offer the same quality in warmth and comfort. Our quilts are laden with 100% of the finest quality wool available- meaning the softest, most comfortable quilts around. And using the best wool, means you get the best sleep.

Pure, Natural & Chemical-Free

We don’t add nasty chemicals and resins to our quilts. Many other wool quilts have been chemically treated or had resins and synthetics added. This is because they use low-grade wool to cut costs. So although you think you are sleeping on wool there are also man made materials as well. Over time, this wool can become lumpy and distributed unevenly through the quilt. Because we use premium wool of the highest quality, there is no need to add anything. The result is a pure, healthy, allergen-free quilt to last for years.

Proudly Australian-Made

All of our quilts are crafted here in Australia. We are a proudly Australian owned company. We employ locals and use the highest quality wool sourced from the best herds in Victoria. Because every quilt is handcrafted locally by expert seamstresses, we have full control over the quality of our product. That’s why we stand by our quilts and offer a 6 year guarantee. At Aussie Wool Comfort, we cut out the middle man and sell direct to the consumer. This means you get premium quality, without paying a premium.



Meet Our Makers: Catriona Ronalds

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