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“Got these for our kids and they have been fantastic, they now sleep through the night and don’t wake up us freezing cold!”


Pure allergy
Free Bedding

“Love that it’s all Aussie products and good for you, no chemicals/toxins in the bedding. Perfect for someone with allergies.”


The perfect

“Perfect in winter, and surprisingly comfortable in summer, even on the hot days. We will never get a dooma from department store ever again.”


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Our story

In the 1980’s, our founder realised that her bedding was making her allergies worse. With this in mind, she set off to find pure, allergy-free bedding and came up with nothing.

Knowing that wool has so many natural qualities which make it perfect for allergy sufferers, she looked at making her own wool bedding. Fortunately, she had a small farm in Warragul with a few sheep, so using her own wool, she started making pure wool quilts.

From this humble beginning, Aussie Wool Comfort, was born.

Today our range of quilts, under blankets, pillows and other bedding products are in demand around the world and are still 100% pure.

There are many imitators with many claims, but few who can guarantee the authenticity of the product like we can.

We ensure that our products are chemical-free with no nasty resins that are often used to make quilts cheaper, but no longer pure and even wash the wool organically before carding.

We don’t take just any wool, we choose from the farms that produce the best wool for our quilts and make them by hand in the farming town of Warragul. We are the original shepherds of high quality wool bedding.


Handmade Heaven

Sleep Soundly By Australia's Finest Hands

Sleep Allergy Free

100% Pure Wool, Free Of Resins & Chemicals.

Why you'll get the best night's
sleep with Aussie Wool Comport

  • Lovingly hand-crafted with loft-advantage™
  • Highest quality wool
  • Pure, natural & chemical-free
  • Proudly Australian-made

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